Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Cute & Yummy Giveaway
Aku tak tau la nper aku leh tido time dr tgk tv jer..aku usha la blog2 ni sume...tup2 terjumper ler blog ni...due nyer ptg karang...nasib ler aku try n error jer...

Pada tuan punyer blog tu..aku wish happy belated besday laa yer!!!

To celebrate my becoming birthday, I'm offering my First ever FabuLOVE Giveaway at CuteandYummyto a lucky winner who leave sweet messages.

*Close up some of item *

MinMin the Bear Bear

Cards from CuteandYummy

BearBear Bookmark

Yarns ;)

1 comment:

ezyane said...


Thanks for joining my Fabulove Giveaway. I'm here to read your post. :)

Good luck


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